Bolteroy Schipperkes welcomes you to our website.   
We have an intense love for the Schipperke breed
and are always happy to discuss anything and
everything regarding the breed.   Our goal is to
produce sound, healthy Schipperkes, both in mind
and body, while maintaining the distinct qualities of
the breed as set forth in our breed standard.   While
we love this breed to the point of obsession, we
realize that it is not the right breed for everyone.   If
you are thinking about adding a Schipperke puppy, or
adult, to your family, please take the time to research
the breed, visit with different Schipperke breeders,
and spend time in the company of Schipperkes.  
These dogs are fun loving, energetic, mischievous,
and highly intelligent, but can be quite stubborn.  
Schipperke puppies are much like children and
require time, love, guidance, and patience during the
raising process to make them the best companions
that they can be.   Raise your puppy properly and
you will have a loyal friend for life.  We hope you
enjoy browsing through our site!  
Striker The Schipperke
Excellence can be attained if

*Care more than others think is

*Risk more than others think is

*Dream more than others think is

*Expect more than others think is
Desi the Schipperke puppy
Troy and Teresa Boling
Talala, Oklahoma 74080 (Tulsa Area)
(918) 275-4225

Members of the Schipperke Club of America
Members of the  Claremore Kennel Club of OK
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